3 1/2in Diameter x 3 1/4in High, clay terra-cotta pot with drip tray and thumb cactus
Tau + Thumb Cactus

Tau + Thumb Cactus

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Red clay pots. Our clay pots feature a standard terracotta red coloring. Each pot includes a hole for easy drainage and comes with 3 1/2in-16in Waterproof Clay Saucers.

Size: 3 1/2in Diameter x 3 1/4in High


About: The Thumb Cactus thrives on neglect. Water it when the soil is dry and careful to not let the roots sit in water as it can cause rotting. 

The Thumb Cactus grows neatly and looks like a thick thumb with white spikes.

Foliage Color: Green with white spikes

Water: Infrequently 

Light: Bright light and sun

Plant pot size: 2” pot