black fiberglass combined with cement and aloe aristata

PIY Charlie Black + Aloe Freckles

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PIY - Plant it yourself. We supply you with all you need to plant it yourself. 

All our plants are tailor made to fit perfectly in your (insert location here).

Made of fiberglass combined with cement, sand and finely ground stone.

Dimensions: 5"H x 5"W x 5"L

Aloe 'Freckles': A sturdy "mosaic aloe" with a mottled pattern of white and green blotches covering its leaves. This Aloe send up a tall bloom stalk from which dangle coral orange, tubular flowers. It is a slow grower but can eventually produce new offsets around its base.

Soft succulents will not survive a hard frost, but if there is a risk of freezing temperatures they can be brought indoors to grow on a sunny window sill or under a grow light. They need bright sunlight, great drainage, and infrequent water to prevent rot. Water deeply enough for water to run out the drainage hole, then wait for the soil to fully dry before watering again.

Dimensions: 2" pot