succulent large leaf elephant food

Large Leaf Elephant Food

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Large Leaf Elephant Food: This stemmed succulent is particularly versatile and easy to grow. Plant it outdoors in warm climates and it can grow into a dense, 4.0' tall shrub. Keep it indoors in a small pot and it will stay a petite, bonsai plant. It is native to South Africa and Swaziland where it grows on sunny, rocky slopes. It even has a symbiotic relationship with elephants: elephants eat some of the branches and their trampling aids propagation of new shrubs from stem cuttings.

Stands out as an easy to grow plant, even for beginners. It has deep burgundy stems that verge on purple and accent its bright green leaves.

Despite similar appearance and care needs, P. afra macrophylla is not closely related to the Jade Plants. It is, however, equally easy to grow indoors. Protect from frost and heavy rain. Water deeply but infrequently, and keep dry during winter dormancy. In warmer months, try your hand at propagating stem cuttings. No elephants required.