Our Roots

We’re a small company with one small goal in mind: try to take over the world! Now, I know what you’re thinking - this seems like an insurmountable task - but here’s our plan:

Step 1: Make a product that will have NO hidden recording device of any kind - seems counterintuitive, I know! This product’s main function will be: turn carbon dioxide into oxygen! This took years of research until we stumbled upon “the plant” (cue holy music).

Step 2: Convince people with already-LIMITED space to get one of these carbon dioxide thieves and place it somewhere in their homes.

Step 3: Once the masses have adopted an oxygen producer into their homes, they will get healthier and be able to think more clearly, and this is when they will come to the realization that the people at LeafMe are amazing and they should rule the world. These people will become known as Leafers (super hero announcement)!

Step 4: The Leafers will start to spread the word, using social media, and create a bigger following. This will be the start of our take over plan. Dum dum dum!!!

Well, one can dream….